Magda & Horses


Magda & the Horses

Life is too short to do something we are not passionate about. It’s the difference between living a life and being alive. I’ve been a financial journalist for 15 years before having the courage to leave the known path and dedicate myself to my forever passion: horses. It felt as if, this whole time, they’ve been there waiting for me.

I have an instant connection with horses. They show me their powerful side, then they become as gentle as kittens. It’s a flow of energies so strong that sometimes it hurts my stomach. It’s real, pure, with no fake reasons around. As if we talk to each other.DSC_4941

When I gallop over the hills, with the wind in my face and the smell of fresh grass surrounding me, my whole being fills with energy. That’s how a horse feels when running free. That’s how a human being should feel: boundless, open to chasing his or her dreams.

I had to find a way to convey these powerful emotions into elegant, sensitive equine images. So I took classes from Jerry Ghionis, one of the top wedding photographers in the world. I learned how to use natural light and the local scenery, how to play with shadows and curves, how to generate emotion and capture it into photos that guide the eye in a certain direction. I began to apply these techniques on horses. The rest is history.

Horses have been my teachers ever since. They have taught me about the power of strength and kindness, about the power of being honest and real. They bring back values that our society and our crazy daily rhythms seem to have forgotten. They are our partners not by dominance, but by their own will. They are and should remain free and wild spirits, sensitive and receptive. That’s why, whenever possible, I prefer to photograph them without any harness.

I am based in Romania, but I travel the world for private photo shootings and equine photo workshops. Drop me an email at or call me at 004 0723534210.

Magda Munteanu