Fish massage, the Sri Lankan style

Boat safari on the Madu Ganga river, in the south-west of Sri Lanka. Avoid it by all means. It’s a touristic trap, for which you pay “only” $50 per person.

Dozens of old, noisy boats crowd near the mangroves. The smell of gas is so strong that you can barely breathe. “Look, a varan,” says the boatman, pointing towards a huge lizard under a dirty, smelly bridge. Seconds later, it lifts its tail. It was tied with a rope by the bridge.

We see in the distance some small docks. Surprise! Thousands of orange fish swim in the six pools, waiting to bite your feet. Yes, your feet. They are especially put there to give you a feet massage for $2. You either love it or feel sick just by looking at it. I thought it was gross.


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Magda Munteanu