Lunch Time

I had just finished photographing four of Romania’s most beautiful Arabian stallions at Mangalia Stud Farm and I was heading towards a well-deserved coffee break, when I saw this image. Around 40 young Arabian mares were aligned, heads down, as if arranged by someone for a photo. Dozens of pigeons were walking in front of them.

It was lunch time. The grooms had put piles of hay in front of the mares’ paddock and the pigeons were the uninvited guests at the feast. As I walked by, they started flying around, making noise and blaming me for ruining their meal.

It was a beautiful moment. Horses eating, relaxed, pigeons flying, soft winter afternoon sun surrounding us. I stopped, closed my eyes and felt the atmosphere in the air. So relaxing. Soul batteries were recharging. It almost felt like a cheating moment when strong, tough animals allow you to take a peek into their private lives.

I stayed motionless for minutes, listening to the sound of horses chewing their hay. It was as if I was listening to relaxing music. My life motto came to my mind: life is too short to do something you are not passionate about. Find your quest and go for it at full speed.

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